16 years later, Runescape's most iconic quest gets a sequel
Jan. 10, 2018

Runescape's Dragonslayer Quest is now 16 years old, about my age when I finished it. After the last update of Old School Runescape, there is now a real suite called "Wait for Dragon Slayer 2".

Dragonslayer 2 hits the circumstances of the original mission and returns to Crandor Island, which was once besieged by the terrible dragon Elvarg. Of course, it is also much more difficult. This is one of the few Grandmaster Old School Oldmaster level missions and presents some great challenges, especially since it completes dozens of other missions and eventually kills Vorkath and Galvek, levels 392 and 608 dragons.

What do you get to complete Dragon Slayer 2? Access the new Myths Guild for beginners, where you can create new runes of anger. After completing the mission, Vorkath will be available as a level 732 regular boss and traps exclusive drops like Dragon Bone Necklace and Dragon Studs. Watch the streamer Adam 'B0aty' Lyne completes the mission and kills Vorkath.