5 things you need to know about Fortnite’s patch v5.20
Aug. 8, 2018

The lastest Fortnite patch has arrived. As for the extensions of the game, the V5.20 patch is the smallest of the season. On the other hand, he made some modifications thanks to the bug fixes.

1. The new double-barreled rifle could reverse blows

What Double Barrel can not do compensates for the pure damage. If you manage to shoot this rifle they added 150 basic points of damage in their legend form, which means that one shot shots are officially back in the game.

2. Constant storm mode allows players to move

There is no security zone for a limited time in the new Steady Storm mode. The mode never allows players to know when they are safe. This should be a perfect place for players who want nothing more than a constant and hectic action.

3. Now you can see your challenges in the game

This is one of the most requested features of Battle Royale and has finally arrived. In addition to the opportunities to see the challenge menu itself, players also see the recommended challenges by looking at the map screen. It seems that there is an excellent update of the quality of life for almost all players.

4. The appearance has been corrected

In the endless research into Epic Fortnite's problems, Squats seem to have left the game. In the end, the shots were made from a half-squat position, as if the players were completely upright a problem solved by Epic.

5. Vending machines could be useful now

Since patch v5.20, machines now generate more often and cost much less to obtain items. It's hard to say if this is worth it, since the materials are always so valuable after all, but at least you should let them think about the machines, which is a step in the right direction.