ArcheAge Online Guide: How to Earn ArcheAge Gold
Jun. 24, 2018

ArcheAge Gold is the currency used in ArcheAge Online. It is of great importance to have enough ArcheAge Gold because the characters in t the game need it to survive and live well in the world of ArcheAge Online. The guide below provides you with four effective ways to have ArcheAge Gold and you should never miss them.

1. Crafting skills

There are many ways to earn gold in ArcheAge Online by crafting skills like Cultivation, Planting, Fishing, and so on. To farm ArcheAge gold is an easy way , but it takes a lot of time which is an annoying thing for most gamers.

2. Combat

Like all MMORPGs, you can get some ArcheAge gold by defeating the NPC monsters. Usually you can only get a quite small amount of gold one time. This means gamers need to spend more time combating to get rich in ArcheAge Online.

3. Trading

Players can trade their ArcheAge items to other gamers for ArcheAge exchanging. The amount of gold you will earn depends on the value of the items for trading. The higher the items’ value is, the more money you will earn from trading in ArcheAge Online.

4. Buy ArcheAge Gold Directly from GVGMall

Buying ArcheAge Gold directly from GVGMall is strongly recommended to gamers. Compared with the three ways listed above, purchasing ArcheAge gold is the fastest. You pay for ArcheAge Gold with quite a small amount of money in GVGMall and gold will be delivered to you in a short time. It saves you a lot of time and you don’t need to waste your time earning ArcheAge Gold by yourself. What’s more, online customer service representatives of GVGMall are 24/7 to help you find a solution any day or night. You don’t need to worry about your order even if any problems occur.