ArcheAge Online: Tips on Fast Farming Gold
Jun. 26, 2018

As all the ArcheAge Online players know, Farming Gold is the most tiresome part of ArcheAge Online. If players don’t want to purchase the ArcheAge gold from online store like GVGMall which provides reassuring service, they have to join the boring part to earn gold. Actually, there are some hidden shortcut functions which is lesser-known to ArcheAge players. They are listed as below and you can save a lot of time when farming gold.

1. Hold down the left button of your mouse, you can adjust the viewing angle of your own character. It is especially useful when you want to take pictures in ArcheAge Online.

2. Press Ctrl +V can switch the description of health bar on the top of role, mobs or NPC. Different mode has different sizes of health bar. It may lead to hidden Guild Name, so remember switch back at any time.

3. When you are equipped with the Ally’s Wings and receive the trading quests, the goods will replace your Ally’s Wings. So do not forget to re-equip the wings after finishing the trading quest. Also you can open the wings in the game set by double-click the spacebar.

4. If you can not move in the map of ArcheAge Online, don’t worry! Use the escape skills which can be found in the game set.

5. Ctrl + F will open the PK model in which you can attack the neutral player or NPC. Remember do not attack the ally or enemy players in the neutral zone, or you will be attacked by the guards.

6. If you want to cultivate, please remember that different plants have different growth time in ArcheAge Online. Also different climates will influence growth circles. So don’t forget the correct harvest time for different plants.

7. 1/3 maturation time will be saved if you water the plants or feed domestic animals. But this doesn’t work if the maturation time is less than 20 minutes.

8. Action expressions of your character are hidden in the skill bar.

9. If you want to ride with your friends or lover in ArcheAge Online, please stand next to his or her mount and press “H“.

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