ArcheAge Unchained - Slowing down is also an option
Nov. 25, 2019

ArcheAge is one of the most interesting business models I've seen, and the fact that several business leaders move to each country and have different information is unique. These guides are always useful because I get new information that I never had before. I usually check them and even appreciate most of them.

It's just not interesting for me and I prefer to do something fun when I play. It sounds a little tacky, but I appreciate the process more than the end result. High-level PvP content and other content at the end of the game can be fun, but it's always fun to create a character and improve the level experience.

In ArcheAge: Unchained, this method seemed to work fine. This is not always possible, especially with some of the most difficult games that I like a little more. Also, some games like World of Warcraft seem ridiculously simple, as if there was no reason to upgrade and the game is for the final.

AA: CUs looked pretty good with this style. The difference is that I took the time to finish all the missions in each zone before continuing.

In my case, I stayed true to the main story, went to the opposite continent at one point and did these missions. Although I was in a hostile zone, I continued the tradition of completing all missions. I discovered that the experience was constant and that the money too.

The game clearly adapts to this level method. Therefore, it is quite obvious that this strategy is viable. People have the impression that they have to do all these special things to level effectively and I suppose this is often counterproductive. The additional risk means more deaths, resulting in a loss of xp or more downtime after a close battle. I thought it would not hurt to remind people that slowing down but staying stable is also an option.