Archlord 2 - More Detailed Information
Jan. 11, 2015

"ArchLord2" game mainly describes two camps under the bright, dark human, and orc, two camps are in order to compete for the origin of the world's energy, expand the endless war. The game contains the occupation war, siege warfare, war heroes, war destruction, assassination war, the emperor decided to fight against large-scale war camp and other diverse content, plus weapon proficiency system, freelance system designed to allow players to train unique role.

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Game Features

No professional fight

There is no occupational settings in "ArchLord 2", depending on the player to switch weapons into different occupations, in Which the human camp is two-handed weapon mankind camp / swords / crossbow / wand, orcs is for ax / spear / wand / bow. Each weapon has proficiency level setting, players can upgrade weapons proficiency level by consuming proficiency points to gain new skills.

In addition, weapons proficiency is also a ceiling. For example, two-handed swords limit is 30, single-handed swords is 20. The higher the proficiency, the weapons value will be higher.

Straightforward beat flu

In "ArchLord 2" players can experience the action of refreshing, character attack action, monster wounded action, attack sound effects will give players a realistic experience.

Fierce battle

"ArchLord 2" divides into the camp on behalf of the bright, "Ai Muha" and representatives dark camp, "Ake Lord", the two camps against each other.

War hero

War hero takes the team combat in FPS game. Players are divided into two camps, before the start of the fighting, players need to tidy up the equipment, then the way to the central team battle to fight.

Holy battle

Holy god battle is to snatch the legacy of three kinds of sacred objects - fire, water, earth.

Land disputes

Land disputes are the battle places of bright camp and dark camp. Players need to defeat the opposing camp guard or destroy defense facilities to complete the figure. Land disputes are also PVP place.

Humanity set

"ArchLord 2" slogan is "Make people first contact with MMORPG can easily play game." The game offers a variety of convenient features, such as mouse click moving, automatically find its way, a copy of teaming fast.