Aura Kingdom Celebrates the 50th update with parades and daily events
Mar. 11, 2019

New dungeons, game modes, monsters, missions and more: the latest updates bring a lot of new content to the animated RPG of Aura Kingdom.

The gamigo group is pleased to announce that Aura Kingdom MMORPG fans can explore new content with patch 50. Shortly after patch 49, in which three new dungeons opened their doors to adventurers, players can expect to experience the experience of richest game.

The 50th anniversary update of Aura Kingdom Gold introduces new championships and additional levels in Vault of Eternia. Bold heroes can now regroup and explore the famous dungeon of the party.

The gamigo group celebrates the 50th update of content with incredible events. In addition to other feature updates, players can join Navea's daily parade, where the Eidolons demonstrate their dancing skills in brightly colored cars and offer benefits to all participants.