"Battlefield V": It feels like it has not yet arrived!
Dec. 26, 2018

The Battlefield series has never been so good or so good. "Battlefield V" is technically the 15th game in the series, not the fifth. This is the direct result of Battlefield 1, game 14, not the first. The first was in 2002 "Battlefied: 1942". In 2005, "Battlefield 2" was the third of the series and seven games were released between "Battlefield 3" and "Battlefield 3."

Maybe that's why DICE brought "Battlefield V Xbox One Digital Code Global" to the familiar territory of World War II. The centerpiece is the online multiplayer, which distributes six different modes into eight extensive cards that escape history. There are two in the idyllic marshes of northern France, two in the snowy peaks of Norway, two in the network of narrow cities in Rotterdam and two in the dusty wastelands of North Africa.

In the absence of great new ideas, such as "Battlefield 1", "Behemoths" or "Battlefield 4", which can radically transform the terrain of cards with disasters such as tsunamis or a collapsing skyscraper. , DICE has a collection. Gentle Design Nudges encourages people to play something different. Players start with less rifle ammunition and encourage groups of four to stay closer to each other. You no longer need to play like an ambulance to revive your teammates, even if it takes much longer in another class.

A new mode, Airborne, allows players to jump on the map after the death of each plane. In another company, Grand Operations, players must compete for the same control points as other modes, but it is divided into three rounds designed to simulate three days of combat. The management team will receive additional equipment for the next round. Unfortunately, these updates seem marginal.