Battlefield V: The Radical Life of a Resistance Fighter
Dec. 11, 2018

These formidable patriots joined the British commandos in 1943 to paralyze the German war effort. In this episode, we will see a saboteur hanging his gun and putting on his skis to prevent Hitler from using nuclear power.

The war stories of a Battlefield V Origin CD Key player shed light on the little-known but intriguing recesses of history, and that's no different.

In the heart of the Norwegian forests, the German occupiers seized a Norwegian hydroelectric plant to produce heavy water, a type of liquid that contains more deuterium than normal water.

It was an essential part of Hitler's nuclear program and, ultimately, it would help the German war machine to develop nuclear weapons.

This mission was not only considered by the British Special Operations Officer as the most important sabotage act of the entire Second World War, but when the Germans transferred the remaining heavy water to Germany, the Norwegian resistance forces. sunk the ferry.

It is probably fair to say that they regret never having played with Norway, and with war stories like Nordly, you can discover for yourself why.