Best Xbox Games With Gold programme in August
Jul. 27, 2018

August is a good month to be an Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key subscriber, as Microsoft announced a solid Xbox Games With Gold schedule with Forza Horizon 2 and For Honor for Xbox One next month.

Xbox One owners can download Forza Horizon 2, the standard birthday edition of the racing game, as part of their Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key from August 1 through August 31. As of August 16, they will also have access to For Honor, which will be available until September 15.

On Xbox 360, the owners of this console will be able to access the science fiction horror adventure Dead Space 3 from Electronic Arts and Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. As always, both games can also be played through compatibility with previous versions of Xbox One.

Meanwhile, Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key subscribers can still access some Games With Gold titles in July, including Assault Android Cactus, Death Squared and Splinter Cell: Conviction.