Bestiary – the Worst League
Mar. 16, 2018
Path of Exile is a great game that is much loved by game players and includes me. Despite this, I still have to say the Bestiary league is terrible. It can be said the Bestiary league is the worst league I've experienced.

There are some reasons for supporting my point of view:

- Blood Altar: In the first week, the blood altar was missing many recipes. Once the good recipes were added, the incorrect numbers were added and had to be hotfixed. This is not a big problem in itself, but it was already another problem accumulated in a sour experience.

- Clunky: This new system was clunky. Launching networks took a long time and in most cases the animals would explode immediately. To say that it is clunky is a massive euphemism.

- Build Issues: The mechanisms of this league are prohibitive for a large number of constructions. You have three seconds to kill the crowd when you cast the net, the tank constructions are much worse than the DPS compilations. Moreover, there are constructions that are much worse than slow.

However, Path of Exile is my favorite game that will not change.