Bethesda's solution to theft of Fallout 76 inventory
Jan. 31, 2020

Players will receive a clone of their character before the flight and must schedule a meeting with Bethesda for a merger.

Several Fallout 76 Bethesda Key players were downgraded to their skivvies last month due to an unscrupulous moor hack that allowed them to steal complete supplies from other players. Bethesda was able to solve the feat quite quickly, but restoring the lost equipment was something completely different.

For one reason or another, Bethesda could not simply pack replacement material in the backpacks of the players and promised that he would discover how players could be compensated for their losses. The solution was presented by publishers such as Jedediah Jedi and Boavisteiro at the end of last week and, frankly, it's a bit more complicated than I expected.

Apparently, it is really impossible for Bethesda to restore lost inventory items, because instead, players receive clones of their characters before the flight with changed names.

It is not the end of discomfort. Players who wish to merge their inventory before and after the flight must request a "Secure Trade Transfer Service" from a Bethesda customer service representative who will meet them on a private server to exchange everything.

I think the compensation is more than fair: a package with 5000 atoms in the Microsoft store costs $40, so that's not all, and everyone collects all their equipment. It is the completely inefficient process that is necessary to make everything I find interesting. A fool with a script can steal all your stuff, but Bethesda, the great game studio that Fallout 76 manufactures, cannot simply reinsert it, and character fusion literally requires the digital equivalent of a book game. Man in a dark alley behind Burger King.

However, it is important that the problem is resolved and that, in general, people seem satisfied with the result.