Black Ops 4 Games Settings Update Brought Pro Series on January 31
Feb. 1, 2019

Treyarch have released a new game settings update for Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Voucher Key, even though it's not as large as the v1.12 patch, it still includes some new content that players will be delighted to see.

This latest update brings new content for those three of the major game settings - Multi- player, Blackout, and Zombies - while also fixing some bugs and ironing out there kinks. For Multiplayer, the biggest addition is the brand new Pro Series Moshpit playlist, which provides a competitive twist to the public game modes. Almost all matches played in this playlist will be restricted to the competitive map pools, game modes, and official ruleset utilised by the Call of Duty World League.

2X Merits have also recently been turned on for all platforms, meaning players can greatly boost up their Merit rank by milling the game this weekend break. Mastery Camos have also been put into Zombies on all platforms.

Players can now also uncover new reticles by finishing Reticle Challenges in the Armory, and more visible options have been additional that will allow players to customize the colors of reticles.