'Blade And Soul' The Dawn Of The Lost Continent Update Now Live
Dec. 8, 2017

The next chapter of the story of "Blade and Soul" will be released with the release of "The Dawn of the Lost Continent". Changes in the game include a new section, an increase in level, new skills and a new chapter in the game's history.

Act 8 of the epic story instructs the players with the mission of raising Jinsoyun. You must seek help from Chol Mugo and his flying GIANT PIRATE BOAT (The Iron Shadow) to reach the mysterious lost continent where new mysterious and dangerous areas are available for players.

"The Dawn of the Lost Continent" is the biggest update of "Blade and Soul" since its launch five years ago. The maximum level has gone from 50 to 55 to better prepare players for the new challenges that the lost continent brings to Solak. The upper limit of Hongmoon will also be increased to 25 to unlock the "Ultimate Hongmoon Skills", which are specific class attacks that can lead to massive devastation.

A new heroic dungeon like Outlaw Island has also been added. Heroic Solo Dungeon will propel players to the Battle Royale Blackram to challenge the pirate queen Yeohoran in a deadly duel.