Champion Insights: Tahm Kench
Jan. 11, 2015

We will soon usher in a new League of Legends big monster! Tahm Kench is a single person either way development can also serve as auxiliary tank robust hero, almost nothing he could not eat. When the enemy appeared in front of him, he could happily be swallowed them own huge belly - The goal temporarily cut off outside the battlefield - then the king of the river teammates have a chance.

But Tahm Kench stomach can not just reserved for the opponents: In after swallowing a friendly, the plump fish can jump into their whirlpool, then throw himself among the enemy.

Since Tahm Kench has super ability rescue shooter from the hands of death, so he is a good secondary choice. When he appeared the down road, his main task is to accompany the partner side, ensure the safety of the shooter and farm not being too much harassment. Then Tahm Kench can easily be swallowed mouth, if a teammate was slow down or stun an enemy, then Tahm Kench can easily be swallowed mouth, then his teammates in a safe area.

The duration of this effect than most control skills have for a long time, so even if the opponent's hit perfect control one's own striker, Tahm Kench control can also wait until the effect wears off and then spit him to a safe location. Moreover, even when the other set fire him instead, E can also provide significant regeneration for him.

Finally, if you opt to shake the other side of the line when then Tahm Kench output can also be spotted enemy hero,passive use stacked full after W to create a super favorable - though only for a little while - two hit one a situation.