Chinese consumers cannot live without Alipay, WeChat and Android
Apr. 19, 2018

According to a consumer survey, Alipay, WeChat and Android are the three main brands that Chinese consumers can not live without. At the same time, it also reflects the huge impact of technology on our daily lives.

Tom Doctoroff, senior partner at Prophet, said that "Chinese consumers today live, work and play in a connected, digital world, so the brands that deliver useful, easily accessible and enjoyable experiences are going to be the most relevant to their lives". He also said that "it is why these tech brands are all so rich and meaningful for people – it is not just an utilitarian, convenient relationship".

Compared to the previous year, digital, social networking and e-commerce brands continue to dominate the index, while music, games, entertainment and sporting goods are on the rise.

The two biggest brands, Alipay and WeChat, are the winners, ranking on the top of the four principles of relevance: customer obsession, pragmatism, inspiration and innovation.

“There is no way in America that you are going to have PayPal to rank No. 1,” Doctoroff also said.