Forza Horizon 4: What is it like to race around the UK?
Nov. 19, 2018

On rare occasions, the climate changes of the different stations had already shown themselves to be more successful in a racing simulation game.

The location is Great Britain and the landscape is magnificently represented. Stroll, feel the road under the tires and immerse yourself in a realistic environment: that is what Forza Horizon 4 represents.

The players are in an open world, from challenge to challenge. Car enthusiasts really get the value of their money with 450 models from 100 car manufacturers that make up the potential fleet. In addition, almost unlimited changes can be made to automobiles.

The categories change between street racing, cross-country skiing, dirt road and street scene. The variety offers side quests, such as, Radar challenges or drifting tasks.

The developers have once again managed to transform the behavior of different vehicles into a driving that players can really experience.

Forza Horizon 4 Credits is suitable for short periods of entertainment. However, if you want to explore the whole game world, you have to invest a lot of time.