The first free DLC of Battlefield 5 will delay
Dec. 4, 2018

The first part of the free Battlefield V Xbox One Digital Code Global DLC campaign will not be punctual. Developer DICE said on Twitter that he had discovered an unspecified "problem" with the contents of the first wave of war, Chapter 1: Inauguration. As a result, the publication will take place after the announced date of December 4.

While additional money has been charged for additional content in previous Battlefield games, Battlefield V Xbox One Digital Code offers it for free through the live service feature Tides of War. Chapter 1: Opening adds a new card, Panzerstorm, established in 1940 in Belgium. As the name implies, it is a tank-based map, and DICE says that up to 17 tanks can see it at the same time.

The Overture update also adds War Story's fifth single-player chapter, The Last Tiger. In these missions, you play the role of a Nazi soldier who not only fights the allied forces, but also "his own doubts about the doubts about the ideology that led to his inevitable defeat".

In addition, Overture introduces a new training mode, called "training space", a learning mode in which you learn the basics of weapons and vehicles. In addition, the update introduces new challenges that reward players with elements such as soldiers' suits and weapons skins, while the game adds aesthetic customization options for tanks and other vehicles.