How to Complete the Shave Mumbai Challenge in Hitman 2?
Dec. 13, 2018

The "Shave Mumbai" challenge of Hitman 2 Steam CD Key is undoubtedly one of the strangest challenges in the game. The challenge is to go to the Mumbai site, dress as a hairdresser and ... shave a lot of beards the men.

For the Shave Mumbai challenge, you do not need any special equipment, only your standard charge is acceptable. Make sure you have a silenced gun and start at the standard starting point.

Go up the stairs and turn left to find a door with a curtain of pearls. You will find the hairdresser and a female NPC. The quickest way to deal with them is to shoot with your silent weapon. Take the hairdresser's hairstyle and take the key to your store at the nearby table.

To meet the challenge requirements, you must free 15 customers in total. Expecting clients can shave while standing on the outside support. As soon as you start shaving a client, you can cancel the process as soon as you see the message "Finish shaving." Even shaves prematurely will always be credited. Do this 15 times in total and the challenge is over.