Apex Legends Battle Pass Release Date, Time, & Price Announced
Jun. 3, 2019

With season 1 of Apex Legends Founders Pack, there was a pass for the battle with a series of new badges that players could win. This is good news for players who want to unlock and win money, but even without the Battle Pass, there are several badges that players can unlock.

Badges are not good in themselves, because they do not give you a special unlocking or anything like that, but it can still be fun to win and work for them.

The first Apex Legends Battle Pass was finally presented, with few details about what users can expect. In a blog post on the official EA website, the Battle Pass titled "Wild Frontier" is published in two ways. We also know when the Battle Pass will fall, which will undoubtedly relieve many people who speculated about its launch last week.

Like Fortnite, users can buy the battle pass for 950 Apex coins and start at level one. However, if you are ahead of the competition, you can pay 2,800 Apex coins to get 25 levels for free. It is a much more expensive option. So we recommend waiting and seeing how the layers are really unlocked.

We know that some of the rewards include the Legendary Lifeline, Wraith and Mirage covers, which will be unlocked once you buy the Pass Pass. Players also receive special Octane skin, Apex packs, weapon skins, vocal lines and other cosmetics as they progress. There are 100 levels in the battle pass of season 1 of Apex Legends, and each time you play, you gain a level. Once the season is over, you can not earn more rewards with this battle pass. So be prepared to spend your time grinding!