Fallout 76 raids have begun
Aug. 26, 2019

The first long-awaited foray of Fallout 76 Bethesda Key is live. Vault 94 is now open, even if you have to bring some friends or at least some nice strangers: the raid is for the foursome level 50 or higher.

To launch the attack, turn on your Pip-Boy radio in emergency vault 94. You will be notified that Vault 94 is flooded and the location will be displayed on your HUD. Once you are in the instantiated log, you and your team can choose the level of difficulty: beginner, standard or expert.

A beginner's foray is undefined, so he can continue at his own pace, while the standard and expert difficulty is temporary and requires more difficult encounters.

Some additional details:
* Complete Vault 94 missions to gain experience, caps, improved repair kits, iconic scripts, craft supplies and items such as weapons, armor and planes.
* If you complete a mission at any difficulty level, you also receive Vault 94 Steel, which you use to create new unique Vault Armor Kits that offer special bonuses for the user.
* Vault armor sets are assigned through plans by performing standard or expert missions. The armor of the vault can be done in armor work benches.
* Vault 94 Steel, Vault Armor and Vault Armor plans cannot be abandoned, exchanged or sold.

* Rewards for safe missions can be obtained once per skill level, per mission and per day.

Vault 94 was founded on the principles of belief and nonviolence and was built without a tower or other defense system. No supervisors were ordered, decisions were made by a city council. His order in the case of a nuclear war was to help the survivors out of the safe.