EVE online enemies are working together to encourage more war
Oct. 14, 2019

EVE Online has become famous for its players, who do incredible things in their common sandbox. Recently, a group of players from opposing factions has joined forces to give them the opportunity to make money in the game and focus on the war.

The EVE faction warfare mechanism allows players to swear allegiance to one of the four most important NPC empires in game history. Once sworn, these newly trained militiamen can fight for control of the areas. In the poorly observed security zone of the game, in reward for the control of this territory, members of the militias are rewarded for the reputation of their chosen militia and for loyalty points. Loyalty points can be redeemed to access special items.

Controlling certain systems in the war zone also gives access to special mission agents who assign PVE missions, rewarding huge amounts of faction loyalty points in case of war.

Militia players who join the 24th Amarrian Crusade and the Minmatar Liberation Force are formidable adversaries in the game's tradition and have blocked access to the NPCs that grant loyalty point missions. When a war zone faction reaches a higher level of success, loyalty point rewards increase for everything they do.

Loyalty Score Farmers lead missions to reap the arduous work of the militia to avoid fights and instead complete missions to take advantage of massively inflated rewards. In this way, they increase the number of reward points that are rewarded and affect the ability of other players to make a living in the game if they only participate in the War Zone.

The Faction Warfare blockade began on October 1 and should last until January 1. According to an article by Reddit, actors, companies and alliances have come together to organize an agreement on the control of key systems in their own territory. Both groups try to break access to the highest levels of NPC to eliminate them from the game effectively.