Black Desert Online Great Expedition Updates
Oct. 28, 2019

Black Desert Online is expected to receive a new series of events called The Great Expedition. The event will run until November 6 before the interview and will be live after today's interview.

The functions are extensive:

* Traffickers, NPCs that drive the Margoria and Oquilla's Eye NPCs have been added and related knowledge has been created.

* You can now gain knowledge by eliminating the following.

* You can also get it from hungry sea creatures and young sea monsters.
- Hekaru
- ocean stalker
- candidate
- Nine sharks
- black oxide
- The little Goldmont battleship
- Goldmont Middle Battleship

- The great battleship of Goldmont

* The name of the area that is displayed when entering an area of ​​the great ocean has changed as follows:
- Before: Margoria

- Now: great ocean

In addition, barter has been added and can be done through your boat. A sea coin shop has been added so you can buy several items in the game and a new ship called Epheria Cog has also been added.

Some corrections and optimizations related to the ship have also been implemented:

* In certain situations, on board a ship, the ship will no longer travel on the dock, land and islands (it cannot get too close to the dock, land and islands):
- If you access the character selection screen while the character is on the wheel and the boat is near the dock
- If you are stuck in motion or with some skill in a field

- The place where the ship appears when a ship is removed from the dock has been modified.

* The resistance conditions required to use the skills of Galley, the Epheria sailboat, the Epheria frigate and the new large vessels have been modified. The character's resistance is restored during normal movement.
- The resistance is consumed when using PowerAccel, Ram and BreezySail.
- BreezySail can be used when your resistance is maximum and you move at full speed.
- The AbruptTurn ability does not consume resistance. Resistance is restored when you use this ability.

- If you recover the maximum resistance with the AbruptTurn capacity, you can use the BreezySail capacity immediately after the AbruptTurn capacity.

* The combined carrying capacity and weight of seafarers should not exceed 100% on large vessels.
- However, you can exceed 100% by bartering.

- If it exceeds 100%, the ship slows down and you cannot use navigation skills.