EA news: Star Wars Battlefront 2 release update, FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Scream reveal
Oct. 24, 2017

Further news on some of the new aspects of the continuation of the game, the single player campaign, has been confirmed.


The remake of 2015 did not have one and was criticized accordingly.


EA tried to correct this by adding a new scenario that follows the Star Wars saga from the point of view of the Empire.


Game producer David Robillard has confirmed that fans of PS4, Xbox One and PC should take about 5-7 hours.


It does not look like much, but it fits into other shooting titles, which focus primarily on the multiplayer aspect.


As in games like Overwatch, players can acquire booty boxes by crushing targets and filling them.


The main difference, however, is that Overwatch starter boxes contain cosmetic elements like new templates and emoticons containing Cradle of Battlefront 2, but Star cards that can boost your power.


Fans can also buy these boxes with real money, which means that anyone who wants to spend extra money on the battlefield could have an advantage.


In response to criticism in a recent blog, DICE said it was working on a way to balance the system.