Easy Ways to Earn FFXIV Gil Everyday
Jun. 20, 2018

Like the money used in our real world, FFXIV Gil can be spent on anything you want in the world of FFXIV. With the help of FFXIV Gil, you can get best equipment and armor for your character and level up quickly. However, it seems not easy to earn FFXIV Gil in FFXIV. Below are some amazing items that you can kill and sell for a good profit. Moreover, they can be obtained as early as level 25. Though you may have difficulties getting rich by this way, earning a certain amount of FFXIV Gil everyday is possible.

1. Diremite Web

Fallgourd Float is where you can find Diremites. They are very easy to kill from level 25 and above. You can take them out without any worries.

2. Raptor Sinew

You will have no problems getting Raptor Sinew. Head to Bentbranch Meadows. There is a real good cluster of Raptors that seem to spawn quite regularly so just keep taking them down and picking up as many Raptor Sinews as you can.

3. Fleece

Coerthas Central Highlands is the place that you will want to head to. Ornery karakuls are what you are looking for. These ugly guys have fleece. Fleece is in very high demand so you will have no trouble selling it.

These items are chosen to recommend not only because they are easy to get, but also because they are things crafters actually need for leveling up. So you can sell them on the market board very easily as they are badly in need. So if you want to make some quick FFXIV Gil, but do not want to rely on crafting or gathering then this is a very simple but effective way.

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