Entropia Universe might let you upload your consciousness into its MMO world
Jul. 26, 2018

The Swedish developer MindArk, developer of Entropia Universe MMO, has worked with AI researchers from several universities in a process of unloading human conscience into their game.

MindArk is collaborating with researchers from Princeton University, the University of Oxford and the Center for Smart Games and Game Intelligence in the concept of thought download.

The whole project is essentially the story of The Lawnmower Man, in which a gardener uses a combination of virtual reality and nootropics to take his mind off his body and take it to a computer.

Despite warnings about cyberpunk stories, MindArk says that the idea of ​​carrying life after death has implications that allow digital avatars to sensitize users indefinitely.

MindArk recognizes that the full discharge of consciousness in the future is still far away, but they say that their previous work on artificial intelligence can serve as a solid foundation for researchers. And some futurists have suggested that the fusion of human intelligence and computer science is a matter of inevitability.