Everything you need to know about Xbox Live Gold
Aug. 7, 2018

Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft's membership program for Xbox owners. The membership connects you to a community of online players so you can play internationally with your friends, voice chat and other players.

Here we decide what Xbox Live Gold is, what its benefits are and what your questions are to know if you need it or not.

1. Bebefits you get once you purchase Xbox Live Gold:

With xbox live gold, you can connect with other xbox one users, so you can experience the game with others. Moreover, Microsoft also said that Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key can get up to $700 free games in a one-year membership.

2. How much money does Xbox Live Gold cost?

Microsoft charges $ 10 per month for Xbox Live Gold, or you can pay $ 25 for a three-month subscription or $ 60 for a one-year subscription. But, you can buy more cheap xbox live gold at gvgmall.com: Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key, Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Key.

3. Is Xbox Live Gold must required?

Xbox owners do not have to pay for Xbox Live Gold if they do not want to. But, if you want to play games with other players, if you want get more benefits from Microsoft, you must have one.

4. How often do you have to pay for a membership?

You can pay your membership for one month, every three months or every year.

5. Can I cancel?

If you wish to cancel your account, you may do so at any time, even if you have already redeemed a Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key subscription.