Fallout 76 has a seasonal event this month
Jul. 15, 2019

The next patch of Fallout 76 Bethesda Key is not far away, but beyond this update, a seasonal event is expected that will contribute to the end of the month. Bethesda has not yet given us the name, but we are doing what it is now after the developer has announced the first details of the event. He is a super mutant merchant and his partner, a group and a stake in the community, whenever they want to be rewarded.

Bethesda announced the launch of the next event in his latest message, "Inside the Vault," which covered everything that had been discussed recently and what to expect. Grahm, the errant super mutant who opens a store where he negotiates games, will be at the center of this event with his escort Brahmin. According to the teasers, Grahm has a meeting and needs the help of the players to put everything in its place.

The rewards will be awarded during the event, but we still do not know how they will look or when players can buy them. However, details of the awards and the event's launch date will be announced soon, Bethesda said.

"To organize a big party, Grahm will need the help of his human friends and he hopes that many of you will come forward and help," the post said. "Of course, he will be well rewarded if his success is successful and he will get more details, including the launch date of the event, later this month."

Earlier than this event is the next update that was recently released. Patch 11 will be released on July 16, according to the same post, causing changes in several systems, such as: For example, how food is spoiled and how certain aspects of Power Armor work.