Fallout 76 Reveals New Wastelanders NPC Details
Dec. 23, 2019

Fallout 76 Bethesda Key players asked for more information about the important update of the Wastelanders game, and their NPCs received their request this week when Bethesda released new details about the expansion. These details have affected some of the specific NPCs that players will find, such as the characters of "Duchess" and "Death" previewed in previous shared images. The Duchess is a human character, while death is a ghoul, although these characters are only two of the many NPCs that players will encounter when the Wastelanders are released.

Bethesda introduced its two Wastelanders in the latest edition of Inside the Vault, which was also the last of its kind this year. A place that players will find when Wastelanders is launched is an interesting point called "The Wayward", which serves as a bar and rest area for players. The Duchess owns The Wayward and seems to end up asking for the player's help.

"The Duchess is the faithful owner and owner of The Wayward, who built it and took it to the Appalachians, hoping to provide a cozy atmosphere and firm drinks to anyone looking for a place to relax, for a fee. Great, for course, "said Bethesda about the character. "He recently visited a number of visitors who asked very specific questions and acted aggressively. Although she and Mort are more than capable of dealing with some annoying clients, they would not refuse to do so. Find out who these people are and what they are looking for."

Death is the other NPC that has been exposed so far, and you will not see it far from the duchess. This character is a ghoul who is in The Wayward and should be able to help players with questions about the surrounding areas.

"Since The Wayward is the most loyal devotee, Mort spends a lot of time raising the shutter and shaking the Duchess's hand if necessary," Bethesda said. "Mort also has a special ability to explore. He went through much of the forest and understood how CAMPs work. If you ever need an overview of the area or an update to CAMPs, Mort is your ghoul."

Bethesda joked that these NPCs are "two of the many people and characters" that will be found when the update is released. Wastelanders currently has no release date, but is expected to appear in the first quarter of 2020 after being delayed after 2019.