Fallout 76's battle royale preview will continue indefinitely
Jun. 17, 2019

Who knows if this becomes a smooth release, but the "pre-beta" of Fallout 76 Bethesda Key EU Nuclear Winter has been extended ... indefinitely?

Nuclear Winter was announced a week ago at the Bethesda presentation at E3 and comes with a free one-week trial for everyone to finish on Monday. The nuclear winter is a real battle of 52 players in which everyone struggles to survive. It's called Vault 51 Overseer. The competition takes place in a team and includes a PvE fight with the different miscreants of the Appalachian NPCs.

There are many other distinctions that distinguish Nuclear Winter from other Battle Royales. One of the most important is the new Overseer XP, in which everyone is working, gradually adding new cosmetic products in different game modes and opening Vault 51 to allow players to learn more about the story.

Players can also set up camps for free, in the same way as Fortnite, and these structures can be destroyed by mini-nuclear weapons.

The nuclear winter is expected to end tomorrow with the free trial. Well, who knows? Enjoy it as it is there. This is the next big update, Wastelanders, announced by Bethesda in the fall. Thank God, this will return the human NPCs with real dialogue trees. This is one of the main reasons why the Fallout with Friends experience at Bethesda Game Studios is on the verge of collapse.