FIFA 16 Hot Sale Black Friday: Back To UK Number One
Jan. 11, 2015

Last week Seller has the likes of Uncharted Collection, Halo GTA V and FIFA 16 again in the UK Top 40 deals Black Friday have a huge impact on the charts in the UK led this week, including postponement until now " - Your Cheap FIFA Coins, FIFA 16 Coins For Sale"website fought as a deaths retailer results.

You can almost guess the plot of positions based board, and generous agreement gambling was Friday, not only to do with FIFA 16, general cuts in around £ 30, but also in the unofficial most PlayStation 4 Bundles included.

Consequently, FIFA 16, sales increased by 254 percent, but it was nothing compared to Uncharted Collection - 4 packages of equipment was also included in most sales of PlayStation and saw fire through which It looks like an outside table 99.9 percent.

Total Black Friday saw 60 percent increase in sales last week, but only 32 percent increase in revenues shows how the lowest prices should have affected profits. In fact, although this percentage should increase, according to Chart-Track, the number of games sold is actually 9 percent for 2014.

Later, he was not so much in terms of hardware offerings last year, so this year, sales were 8 percent consoles. 86 percent were for the Xbox or PlayStation 4 A, compared with 75 percent last year.

Consequently, sales of software Xbox One and PlayStation 4 accounted for 74 percent of all sales of games - one of the nine weeks, far more than 70 percent combined for the two consoles. This compares to only 46 percent in the last year on Black Friday.