GAME CHANGER FIFA 18: EA’s beautiful game is having a huge influence on the way footballers play in real life
Dec. 11, 2017
Andrea Pirlo knew that he spent the afternoon playing video games before winning the 2006 World Cup in Berlin.

Ten years later, soccer games have evolved, driven by an obsession with precision and realism.

But games like FIFA no longer only reflect real life, they really influence the way professional footballers play.

The FIFA 18 developer EA SPORTS has a long history of employing thousands of data collectors who thoroughly analyze and create complex databases of player statistics.

But now something interesting happens when it comes to the relationship between videogames and sports.

A typical example is El Tornado. A new combination of FIFA 18 skills in which a player throws the ball back, turns and flies.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, Roberto Carlos and, more recently, Yannick Bolasie are the only players who do it.

EA Sports said, however, that if a player deduces it in real life, he will be rewarded with the skill of the game.