FIFA 18 is the biggest justification for the Nintendo Switch yet
Oct. 24, 2017

There is an old saying about the cameras: the best is what you have with you. Sadly, the same thing is rarely said about video games. Despite the rapid progress in the performance of smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming has by far exceeded the relatively simple thinking game and is far from competing with the iterations of the console or PC.


The Nintendo switch, a console that ultimately promises, and FIFA 18, may have limited the switch's biggest potential test as a serious candidate for games on Nintendo, but often indie favorites and indie favorites like Stardew Valley.


In the Xbox One and PS4, FIFA 18 is again the best race of the franchise. It is exuberant to see, including the full movement of some great names, as the new star of the franchise of Cristian Ronaldo. AI is smarter, more drip; there are likely to be some new features and an excellent provocative sequel to The Journey heavy scene, in which players form the distinguished Premier League career Alex Hunter.


The iteration of change was always a test. Nintendo's handheld device, with EA's Frostbite engine apparently not working, so FIFA on the switch has its own unique construction, and there is no trip. The graphics are simpler, especially in textures (grass blades, cloth players' shirts) and in lighting. But the graphics have a clear and bright feel: the real faces of the players are there. And even if early versions of graphic defects become more and more important, they go back to work. In short, you will not care because the gameplay is there.


The FIFA square switch looks remarkably like the full-size console version: it's a deep and deliciously entertaining soccer simulation. All comparable limitations in graphics performance are easily offset by the ability to pick up and continue playing your business mode from the dock. It is deep and satisfying; Be prepared for endless questions from other participants ("How well is FIFA, how are you?"), As they see in envy. Even the joy-with-multiplayer mode is a different option that will not replace the multiplayer mode based on the local console, but you will still have a long ride on the train.