FIFA 18: Some amazing hidden facts and secrets you've probably missed
Nov. 10, 2017

Millions of us play FIFA every year, so let's get used to how the game looks.


In general, we are mainly interested in changes in the game, we try to understand what is the most impressive type of shot this year or what training works best.


But EA Sports still has some small details here and there, so here are some little secrets you might have missed in FIFA 18.


Did you know, for example, that when you use one of the new icons on your FUT team, the amount in your stadium shows a little more appreciation?


In general, they are difficult to detect because the action focuses mainly on the field, but somewhere in the stands, you should be able to find flags with the face of your symbol on them.


If you use a national team, the normal angle flags will be replaced by the flag of the country of origin.


Last month, we discovered that one of the players with the lowest rating of Ultimate Team is not even a professional footballer. He is just a kit man.