FIFA 18: Three Tiny Things About Fans You Can’t Miss
Jun. 29, 2018

FIFA 18 gamers are crazy about the brilliant new features and touches in the game. However, what FIFA 18 gamers pay attention to are always something related to the game itself, like players, skills, FIFA 18 coins and so on. Three things about fans in FIFA 18 listed below may be so tiny for you, but you can’t miss them because they will definitely improve your playing experience.

1. Crowd rush

In scenes straight out of World War Z, swathes of fans now spill from their seats and charge towards the advertising hoardings whenever you score a goal. Not because of a particularly eye-grabbing campaign from Pukka Pies, mind you, but a mad bid to be literally six feet closer to the action. They scramble down the stairs and even over each other, stopping just short of combining their bodies to build a fleshy wall and swatting passing helicopters out of the sky. Sensibly, punters further back remain firmly bums-in-seats.

2. Fan smooching

In FIFA 18, members of the crowd do more than stand up, sit down, and look at their potato hands in quiet mourning. Every single one is a detailed 3D entity, which means you can run over and interact with them after a goal. As Benzema, for instance, we mega-kiss a Real Madrid fan on the head like the pope blessing a baby. Then, after bagging a brace, we run over and embrace the same fan twice in a row. There’s one man who’s not showering for while.

3. Make everyone duck

If you fire the ball into the stands in FIFA 18, people will part like the Red Sea in efforts to evade the incoming rocket sent by the mission control that is your boot, throwing their hands over their heads and crouching low under its roaring trajectory. A good move to pull if the opposition following gives you grief.