FIFA 19: 6 of the best new secret features in Career mode
Aug. 29, 2018

The next Champions League in FIFA 19 Origin CD Key is one of the most important professional developments ever seen. Although some fear that the mode will be seen this year is not much love, the inclusion of the Champions League will change the FIFA 19 career mode in many ways.

Last level of added difficulty - The biggest AI difficulty you can play in Ultimate Team has been transferred to the Race mode. That means that those who get from you who are looking for a step from the legendary difficulty setting, have the opportunity to show their skills and get real practice.

Prelude cutscenes - In addition to the scenes of attraction, you will see the players who descend at the beginning of a game outside the bus, while the interludes of the players warm up and make selfies with the crowd.

Train the players - One of the most exciting features that can have a significant impact on the behavior of the games is the ability to train the speed of strength and the sprint of a player. If you train them, you will undoubtedly lead your own team in the leagues.

Revised reward system - You can now receive a budget increase and a full pot plus money, depending on how you worked in the previous season. The table will give you more resources for a good season or above the average.

Release me - If you are looking for new players, you can register, you can check a box to see only the players that have a release clause in their contract. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Relations between the manager and the press - Now you can customize your managers and invite them to press conferences.