FIFA 19 Learn how to play the new competitive mode Division Rivals
Oct. 10, 2018

FIFA 19 offers the new competitive division of the division, where players compete against players from the same skill area and join the ranks to win coins.

How to play the new alternative rules mode in FIFA 19 Cloud CD Key GLOBAL, here is the steps:

Step 1. On the Ultimate Team menu, go to the Online tab and select the division rivals you want to play.

Step 2. First, you must play location games that measure your performance in games against opponents of different levels. In total, there are five games.

Step 3. Depending on your results, you will be placed in one of the rival divisions and receive a ranking of skills.

Step 4. From now on, you can play as many online games as your opponents, to your liking, to earn points and climb the ladder of the division.

Step 5. Win or lose, earn points and compare your score with the total community of players. This means that the numbers keep going up and you have to keep playing to maintain your position or improve.

Step 6. Every Thursday, the rivals of the Division are closed and the players can choose between the prizes reserved for the players in their classifications.

Step 7. Options include negotiable and non-negotiable packages, excellent coin rewards and even FUT Champions tokens to help you stay in the weekend league.