Final Fantasy 14 Director Remains Open to Other Platforms, New Content Already Scheduled
Nov. 27, 2017

Those who want more Final Fantasy XIV content can have peace of mind when they know that the content has already been developed for two years.


The MMORPG, currently led by a director and producer players Naoki Yoshida delivered a lot of content to the output, and it seems that it would not be slower. Recently received an extension called blood storm, new missions, characters, objects and other features such as the addition of extensions before, and Yoshida told players in euros that the game team already a two-year plan.


But for those who do not have access to the game due to their favorite gaming platform, two years of content means little to you. However, time could mean something if the game came to different consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One. Yoshida has said he is open to take the game to different platforms, in addition to PC and PlayStation 4, and reiterated this statement recently saying that he was always interested in the idea.


The server is not divided between the consoles, then the question arises as to how through the game between each console would work, but maybe if the two-year Yoshida plan for the reality of the game.