Fix coming for Forza Horizon 3 HDR exposure bug on Xbox One X
Jan. 26, 2018

Forza Horizon 3 finally received its updated Xbox One X patch this week, providing a true 4K experience to the latest Microsoft console owners. However, after releasing the patch, some players seem to have an error that makes the image too light or too dark in certain situations. Fortunately,there is a solution on the way.

In a recent article on Forza Forums, a representative of the Forza community revealed that the team understood what was causing the problem and was working on a solution.

There is no exact start date, but I suspect that a solution that solves the problem is not far away once its cause has been identified.

Apart from this persistent problem, the improved Xbox One X patch also has significant improvements over the base game already appreciated for its impressive graphics. On the Xbox One X, the game runs at a true 4K resolution without scaling frames or dynamics. Shade resolutions and texture details have also been increased in fidelity. Unfortunately, the frame rate is still limited to 30 FPS,unlike the action of Snappy 60 FPS in Forza Motorsport 7.This is probably due to the open nature of Forza Horizon 3,which devotes part of the power of the console to the transmission must fly.