Fortnite was the game on Twitch that performed heads above the rest
Aug. 3, 2018

According to the StreamElements data report, Fortnite raided Twitch this year, defeat League of Legends to become the most watched game in the first half of 2018.

In second place is League of Legends, online multiplayer games, with less than 500 million hours of viewing. Surprisingly, PlayerUnknown's battlefields reached less than half of Fortnite's audience in 2018, reaching less than 300 million views.

While PUBG was a hit in 2017, since it ignited the craze that has turned into games similar to Battle Royale, Fortnite Items seems to have taken the majority of Battle Royale fans. Between the first and second quarter of 2018, Fortnite grew 74% in hours, while PUBG decreased 9%.

Fortnite Items is not the first Battle Royale game in itself, but it is more accessible than other Battle Royale games. The matches are slightly shorter than those of PUBG, the aspect is brighter, the weapons and mechanics are more dynamic.

In addition, Drake did not play PUBG, played Fortnite Items and brought in hundreds of viewers who probably would never have considered watching the game on Twitch.

In this single instance, Twitch moved Fortnite Items forward, almost doubling the number of people who transmitted Fortnite Items and the number of people who spent that time.

As Fortnite Items continues its current trajectory and maintains its audience, it is likely to become the most watched game in 2018.