Forza Horizon 4 - A game masterpiece, Galloping in the four seasons
Nov. 22, 2018

The British Forza Horizon 4 takes you straight to the point and offers a complete overview of what to do with your latest innovation in the type of arcade racing: the seasons. With a variety of changes in the gameplay, the vehicle melodies and the game world during the summer, fall, winter and spring cycle, FH4 basically summarizes four different games in one.

The seasons have a profound impact on the gameplay. The complete change of the map and the world of the game with the seasons leave their mark and make the game worthwhile, instead of feeling like a trick. However, since winter causes most of the changes in the game world, in the other seasons it feels a bit lost.

The race is as varied and as fun as before. FH4 is very rewarding in multiplayer mode. Enjoy some of the best road trips in vintage cars or exotic phenomena or Tinker Clarkson Farmkhana news and take a friend who filmed everything in drone mode. The possibilities are endless.

In general, Forza Horizon 4 Credits is a fantastic game that gives many qualities a very good base. In addition to the FH4, it's a sweet escape for any speed head, and you can dive every day for more than six hours in the game.