Forza Horizon 4: A raucous ride in the British countryside
Sep. 29, 2018

Is there a typical British driving experience when driving a Land Rover at a roundabout in the Cotswolds, where a light drizzle sounds on the windshield, while Classic FM removes the radio?

How about dumping the Land Rover at 100 miles per hour, throwing it into a deep puddle, destroying a wall of pebbles while the sheep roam in golden rapeseed fields and another 10 vehicles driving off-road through the countryside. This is British Country Driving, Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition XBOX LIVE Key Windows 10 Global style.

You probably do not see this weekend in the Lake District. One of the achievements of Forza Horizon 4 as a video game is its beautiful recovery and respect for the streets of the United Kingdom, as well as its enthusiasm for giving chaos to vehicles without restrictions.

Forza Horizon has become the dominant racing game of this generation in many ways. His Do-What-You-Like race, an open and open world, is based on the senses of brain enjoyment. Pretty cars in pretty landscapes that echo the noisy radio stations. A map that includes symbols, races and distractions, as well as a system of "influence" points that rewards almost anything, but falls on a wall.

The horizon of the horizon is still so good, halfway between the tangible weight of the simulation and the thrill of arcade racing with the ability to move the dial to your liking.