Four New Features in FIFA 19
Aug. 31, 2018

FIFA 19 Origin CD Key may not be very different, but under the hood, there are many changes. Here we review the most important: new cinematics for the teams of drawing in the celebrations.

New fanatical films - We can see the fans in the crowd taking selfies together and filming the game, both in the opening scenes and during the games. The crowd is now moving custom banners, with flags of clubs and countries shaking in the background. Although this will not change the gameplay dramatically ... it's nice to see an appreciation of the fans when you make a world.

New team scenes - We will see how the bus players get on when they arrive at a stadium, and the players who get nervous before a match in the tunnel. A team photo is also made with mid-game scenes where the players get warm while the crowds are filmed.

Transfer of movie sequences - If you transfer the player to professional mode, you get a fine cinematic picture, a small but welcome addition that makes it more rewarding to take a new player to the team.

Goalkeeper update - The goalkeepers now have player-specific animations when they receive penalty points.