Four reasons to stay Spotify Premium
May. 23, 2018

Spotify announced a major update to its mobile application at an event at the Gramercy Theater in New York City. The service will no longer treat its free users as second-class citizens. Despite this, some users may not choose to downgrade from premium to free. Here are the four reasons:

1. No ads: After this update, the ad has not been modified. If you do not want to listen to 15-second ads between songs, stay on the Premium level.

2. Full access to the Spotify library: The 35-million-song library that only Premium users get.

3. Listen through a smart speaker: Spotify did not announce a speaker or other hardware. Therefore, you should always use Google Home, Amazon Echo or Sonos One if you want a voice-activated listening experience in your home. For this, you need a premium subscription.

4. Get Hulu for super cheap price: Spotify and Hulu have announced that they are coming together to offer a unique digital package. For $ 13 per month, you will receive a subscription to Spotify Premium (usually $ 10 per month) and Hulu's limited business plan (usually $ 8 per month).