Four Types of Equipment in Silkroad Online
Jun. 14, 2018

Equipment plays an important role in Silkroad Online. To some extent, it determines the leveling speed of the players. So millions of players are trying their best to get powerful Equipment. So you must know the different types of Equipment. In Silkroad Online, equipment is split into four sections, that is, weapons, shields, body protectors, and accessories.

* Weapons: There are five types of weapons in Silkroad Online. The blade and sword attack quickly and are one-handed, allowing the character to use a shield for defense. Glaives and spears attack slower, but the attacks are more powerful, dealing more damage, but are two-handed. Bows attack fairly quickly from a distance and deal reasonable damage, and are also two-handed weapon, requiring arrows for ammunition.

* Shields: Shields can be equipped if the character uses a one-handed weapon, increasing defense and giving the character a chance to block a few blows depending on the block ratio or "BR."

* Body protection: The three classes of body protection are armor (high physical but low magical defense), protector (balanced physical and magical defense), and garment (high magical but low physical defense). Garment class items cannot be worn at the same time as armor or protector class items, but armor and protectors can be combined. In addition, being equipped with any armor will decrease a character's running speed by 20 percent, protector will decrease the running speed by 10 percent, and garment will not decrease running speed at all.

* Accessories: In addition to clothing, characters can also wear accessories such as rings, necklaces, and earrings that can reduce some damage inflicted upon the character.

There are several types of items in Silkroad Online. Most items are normal in the sense that they possess only regular properties. These items can also be called "White" items, due to the color of the item's name. Other items that have special properties, which boost a certain characteristic, are usually called "Blue," due to the item's name shown in blue. Note that an item which has bonus equipment levels (e.g. "Copper Bow + 3") can still be a normal item.

There are three more special ranks that equipment and weapons can have: Seal of Star, Seal of Moon and Seal of Sun. Each increases the item's statistics so it is similar to an item of higher level. Seal of Star weapons are the most common of the seal weapons and are equivalent to a weapon 5 levels higher then the original weapon's level. Seal of Moon gives a bonus of 10 levels and Seal of Sun, the rarest of the seals, gives a bonus of 15 levels.

Seal weapons cannot be made, and are only available as a rare drop from monsters, and only if that monster is able to drop the correct level of item (eg: a monster that only drops level 34 weapons will never drop a level 32 Seal weapon). They can only be found on equipment of the same levels as found in the NPC stores.

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