Grand Theft Auto 6: Next 'GTA' installment set to revisit Vice City; First female protagonist still in the cards
Mar. 27, 2018
It has been a long time since Grand Theft Auto V was released, and Rockstar Games continues to support the game's online mode with new content packages. However, recent reports seem to agree that the "Grand Theft Auto VI" is in development.

It is reported that Rockstar has also begun to plan the content of "Grand Theft Auto VI" and the next title is expected to be larger and to be seen as "GTA" above. Although the fans should be a little more patient, because such a project would take several years.

The long wait for "Grand Theft Auto VI" might be worth it, according to the latest reports, since the title will include an even bigger world map covering all the popular cities of the United States.

Another strong point of "Grand Theft Auto VI" is the first female protagonist of the franchise. The previous titles still had a male leading role. This time, Rockstar could use "GTA VI" as an opportunity to demonstrate that a female character is just as effective in taking control of the city's crimes. However, it is not clear if the only female role will come into play.

At this point, "Grand Theft Auto VI" is not expected to arrive until 2022.