GTA 5: Premium Edition is coming next month
Mar. 13, 2018
According to a new report, a new version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released in April 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, which includes the base game with several GTA 5 DLC and GTA Online content. The collection will be called Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition.

The report published by Kotaku UK indicates that GTA 5: Premium Edition is about to launch for an April release after initially having a March 23 release date. The Premium Edition will include four years of DLC like the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, which includes a variety of properties, weapons and vehicles, was released in December 2017.

The report suggests that the Premium Edition will be the new standard version of the game in retail, which makes sense given that GTA 5 is almost five years old this year. GTA Online proved to be a monstrous success, keeping GTA 5 on the list of best-selling games year after year.

Unfortunately, those who hopes for new single-player content will be disappointed, as it seems to focus primarily on GTA Online.