GTA 5: This week, What's new comes from GTA Online
Mar. 2, 2018
This week, Rockstar has announced new content, sales and special events for Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer mode. Based on the new content, a new vehicle, called the Pfister Comet SR with a sporty and elegant outward appearance and a very fast speed, can now be purchased at Legendary Motorsport.

The new ones in GTA Online this week also offer an opportunities to earn additional GTA $ and RP. All Gunrunning Sell missions and special vehicle missions pay GTA $ and RP twice, as do the Air Quota mode and the 32 Transform Mode races developed by Rockstar.

As for discounts, from now till to March 6, you can save 25% on a variety of vehicles, including the Mammoth Avenger, the P-996 Lazer and the Vapid Riata.

This week's premium race is "City Air" that is only for sports cars, while the weekly time trial is "Vinewood Bowl".This event challenges players to drive from the Vinewood Bowl through the map to Paleto Cove. As usual, Premium Race pays GTA $ to the top three, while all participants receive Triple RP.

In my opinion, for all GTA loyal fans, they must understand deeply these new contents, in order to better play the game and to get the ultimate gaming experience and the bigest pleasure.