GTA Online celebrates Memorial Day with Double Cash And Discounts
May. 25, 2018

Grand Theft Auto V celebrates the weekend of Memorial Day with features and discounts to fill your money in GTA Online. Until May 28, the game offers a double GTA $ and a reputation for special events and discounts on some popular vehicles.

The Double Cash and Rep bonuses apply to Motor Wars, cyclists, executives and other criminals, as well as the new Trap Door. The last mode is a Battle Royale, which was launched last week and four teams of four can compete with each other, while a time clock leads to closer confrontations.

A new Executive Office and Biker Clubhouse will receive a 30% discount with a collection of vehicles. The Pfister Comet Sr, downgraded the Rod Tornado rat, the Raiden coil, the Overflod Entity XXR, Sea Sparrow, the Imponte 2000 runner, the TM-02 Khanjali and the Buzzard chopper attack is 30%. If you need a place to put all this good news: the Executive Office Garage will also benefit from a 30% discount.

In addition, four rare vehicles will be available for purchase for an extremely limited period from May 25 to 28. In addition, they are also reduced. These include the LCC Sanctus insipid Liberator and Western Sovereign at a 25% discount. Yachts and modifications are also reduced by 50%.