Guild Wars 2 - This is not the END
Apr. 1, 2019

As you know, Guild Wars 2 did not receive the best news of all the layoffs and restructurings. With me, many other people have not lost hope for the game we have. And he assured us that the development would continue. In these sad times, we have a ray of hope.

Guild Wars 2 continues to grow over time, and although some of its changes and extensions do not speak directly to me, there are still some welcome additions. It is repeated that, even if we have been touched, the more we receive, it is enough for me.

Even in these dark times, I always look to the future for this game. I know many people who are waiting for the future of this game. It does not bother me in small steps or in a longer period. What the game currently offers will stop me until we have news or a sample of the next game.

I still live in this world of breathing and would like to see some of these materials grow. I know that a lot of people would still like to see the publication cycle they're in, but I'm not sure it's as feasible as I'd like.